With all that is in the news of the Coronavirus, we just wanted to write a quick note to you about our services.  As we are a small business with limited staff, we are doing all that we can to take care of them and you.  We are going over & above with cleanliness and asking anyone to stay home (with pay) if they have had any contact with someone with covid-19 virus or has any slight signs of any sickness.  

We will stay in business as long as Canada post is delivering and we have staff.  If there is any reason that we are unable to get orders out, we will not be depositing any e-transfers and will let you know asap. Having said, we may reduce our shop hours, as this outbreak progresses, and all orders will be mailed out the following business day, with clear communication from us.

We hope that everyone is staying safe and taking full advantage of the social distancing by getting high with no feelings of guilt about it  ?


– The Chronic Kitchen Team



Chronic Kitchen provides affordable marijuana edibles for anyone looking to alleviate pain, reduce symptoms or simply have a great time.  All products are homemade using only the best quality Bud sourced right here in beautiful British Columbia (because of course BC Bud is legendary across the world!).

Our edibles give clients a great alternative to toking – discrete, virtually no smell and no harsh respiratory side effects that comes with smoking – and did we mention that they also taste amazing?

Cannabis products can be a natural alternative for a variety of ailments including:

    • nausea
    • insomnia & sleeping disorders
    • muscle tension, body aches & pains
    • loss of appetite (due to receiving other medical treatments such as chemotherapy
    • anxiety, depression, stress & PTSD
    • arthritis

[Always consult your physician before making any decisions on medical treatments – this page is not intended to be used for medical advice]


We only use AAA grade Sativa / Indica hybrid cannabis strains

All cannabis is locally grown and tested for consistency and potency

Recipes are perfected until they deliver the best taste possible

Packages are usually shipped out within 1-2 business days of order placement