• Benefits of Micro-Dosing “Magic Mushrooms”

    “Magic Mushrooms” have been used over centuries for various spiritual and medical rituals, for their ability to alter consciousness and trigger mystical experiences. Studies today on psilocybin are showing promising benefits of treating the psychology of addiction as well as impressive treatments in depression and anxiety. Many people today are using it for creative thinking “outside the box”, feelings of…

  • Green Friday Sale

    Green Friday 2021

    It’s our annual Green Friday Sale to save 20% off almost everything!  With everything that is currently going on with the West Coast, a portion of our proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross to help out those in need.

  • Christmas Advent Calendar

    Advent Calendar 2021

    Christmas is just around the corner and will be here before we know it! Advent calendars are becoming increasing popular and we have finally been able to create our own version. Two options – THC everyday or MIX it up with CBD, THC and a couple Mushroom days.  Dosages will vary from 10mg – 25mg THC so if you like…

  • IT's not you... It's Us!

    Error 500

    Website being offline is the most frustrating thing to deal for any small e-commerce business. But on top of that, as a cannabis e-store, dealing with companies that should be able help us solve those issues telling us “sorry, because of your line of business, we can’t help you”….Aargh!  However our frustrations, should not be your frustration….so for a limited…

  • Mushrooms on Sale

    It’s Camping Season!  There is no better way to end a fantastic day then being with friends, giggling and watching the stars dance. “Magic” Mushrooms have come along way from being a “hippy” drug to a micro-dosing experience enhancing one’s mind creativity and to now being studied for treating anxiety and depression.  Here at Chronic Kitchen, we have many ways…

  • Summer Newsletter 2021

    Summer Newsletter 2021

    Summer has arrived with a bang!  Have you tried any of our new cookies yet?  Margarita and Orange Creamsicle Cookies are a must for a cool chilled summer! Watch out for new products to also arrive over the next couple weeks, Dosen & Mary and Wanda Click  to open – Summer 2021 newsletter  

  • 420 Sale!

    Happy 420!

    How will you be celebrating this year?  Los Livingroom or Puerto Backyarda?  Save 20% off  all products, sale ends midnight April 20th.

  • Spring Sale 2021

    Spring Sale 2021

    Wow, what a year it’s has been!  All of us at Chronic Kitchen want to thank everyone for the love and support over these last 12 months.  We know that the pandemic has been difficult for all, but thankfully Mother Earth gave us Cannabis to help us get through it! Thank you!

  • Remembrance Day

    Remembrance Day We will be closed Wednesday Nov 11 and back in the kitchen on Thursday. All orders place after 2pm November 10th, will be mailed out November 12th.

  • Oct Breast Cancer2020

    October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    Getting baked for a cause round 2! It’s crazy to think that 1 out of 8 Canadian Women will develop breast cancer at some point in their lives.  These women are our grandmothers, mothers, sisters, aunts and friends.  At Chronic Kitchen, we want to support all the ladies out there; remind all that regular checks and earlier detections will save…

  • CBD

    CBD and Anxiety

    With the current chaos going on around us, you are not alone if you feel your anxiety levels have increased. For some, that may mean more sleepless nights or sleeping well yet still feeling lethargic and run down. Anxiety comes in many forms whether it appears as physical symptoms or more internal, like constant stress or worrying. As we are…

  • Sharing Love

    Spreading the Love – Referral Program

    We are a small business that strictly relies on word of mouth and because of you, we are growing bigger and bigger every year and we want to say a big thank you by offering a discount each time a new referral places their first order All you have to do is log into your existing account or create a…

  • Moving Sale

    Two Day Sale!!

    We are moving! Save up to 40% off all edibles for two days only!  This is our biggest sale ever and only while supplies last. We will be closing down in one week and won’t be in the new kitchen till Dec 2; at which time we will be baking up a storm and all orders placed during that time…

  • October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    Let’s Get Baked for a Cause! Two of our Favorite Recipes have gone pink!  – Peppermint Patties and Salted Caramel Squares $1 will be donated to the Breast Cancer Society of Canada every time one these items are sold.  Our goal is to raise $1000 and we are already half way there! One way to help us to achieve our…

  • Sovrin ClearStick V2 Kit

    Vapes & Extracts!

    We couldn’t be more excited to introduce some brand new items to the Chronic Kitchen website! By aligning ourselves with some of the best names in the industry, we strive to give all Cannabis users a variety of different products that they can choose from. Make sure to check out our website for: vaporizers and cartridge refills capsules tinctures phoenix…

  • Happy New Year 2017!

    Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and cheers to an awesome 2017! Last year was an amazing year for us at Chronic Kitchen, we are stoked for what this year has in store. New recipes coming soon…

  • Brand new Chronic gear coming to the site!

    Good morning Chronic fans! We have some fresh new gear hitting the site this week which we are super pumped about! fitted hats baseball caps women’s tanks 2 different styles of hoodies (just in time for fall) Check them out and feel free to leave us some feedback on what you think of the new looks.