Benefits of Micro-Dosing “Magic Mushrooms”

Benefits of Mushrooms

“Magic Mushrooms” have been used over centuries for various spiritual and medical rituals, for their ability to alter consciousness and trigger mystical experiences.

Studies today on psilocybin are showing promising benefits of treating the psychology of addiction as well as impressive treatments in depression and anxiety.

Many people today are using it for creative thinking “outside the box”, feelings of happiness or lessening pain perception

The dose should be so minuscule that it’s sub-perceptual. It can also involve regularly consuming a very small amount of psychedelic substance, that a person won’t need to worry about “tripping out” and seeing pink unicorns while at work.

So in other words – NO psychoactive effects.

Unfortunately there is not a clear answer as it really depends on your tolerance, body type, and funny enough, how full your stomach is. Too little and you won’t feel anything and too much, your day will take an interesting twist.

It generally takes 1g-3.5g for a person to have a “typical trip” so starting low and building from there is key.

We would recommend .25g is a good starting place.

When purchasing you should also consider that each strain and batch will be different and not always consistent. Buying Mushrooms raw, grinding them down to a powder and weighing out desired amount is the most cost effective way but can be time consuming. Today there are many products that are designed for micro-dosing, such as in capsule form with no bitter taste.

There are some misunderstandings about being able to consume mushrooms regularly, like you would for Cannabis. You should follow a schedule such as a three-day cycle. Day one, pop a dose in the morning, so you can feel the effects throughout the day. Try not to take at night, as it may affect your sleep. Wait two days before taking your next dose. Mushrooms do build up a tolerance quite quickly. We would also recommend when first starting, take on a day where you have nothing to do, to find out what feels right for you.

While “magic mushrooms” are thought to be one of the safest drugs to consume, they do have minimal harmful side effects. Each person should take the time to research and/or talk to a doctor, to see if it’s safe for them. Especially if taking medications, has experienced or has a family history of psychosis. Chronic use has also shown to lead to cardiovascular risks and potentially a mild addiction.