Frequently Asked Questions

I have placed an order now what?

Well to start with Thank you for choosing us!  We will need a copy of your government ID and an e-transfer for the amount before we can ship your order out.

The website won’t allow me to upload my ID

This will happen if you have checked out as a guest or the website doesn’t like the file you have chosen (sorry about that).  The next best way to provide your ID, is sending us a picture of it to All we need to see is your Full Name and date of birth (or just the year) so feel free to black out any other information.  This process only has to be done once, even if you decide to create an account later on.  All that is kept on record is your email address which is approved for future orders and if you use a different email address, we may ask for ID again.

How do I send an e-transfer?

You will need access your bank’s online service.  Make sure that you are not setting us up as a payee, like you would a bill (ie shaw, telus, etc..)….you need to go to Interac e-transfers (each bank may have the name slightly different) and send money to us like you would a friend.  Make sure to follow this instruction that is sent to you, once you have completed your order.   For more info go to

So I have sent my ID and E-transfer but my order still shows as pending

We have to manually change that, so if you place an order outside business hours or if we are busy in the kitchen, it may be delayed.  But don’t worry, we won’t accept any e-transfer if we are unable to ship out your order.

What is the difference between a checking out as a guest or creating an account?

The biggest difference is the e-transfer password.  As a guest, the password will be different every time and it can become very problematic for us if it is not changed for each order placed (it may result in canceled e-transfers and additional bank fees).   With an account, the e-transfer’s password will remain the same each order and is more convenient when sending those e-transfers.  Also with an account, you will be able to look at past orders and send out referrals to save money when your friends purchase from us.

Help! I can’t login to my account

No problem!  We can manually reset your password, just send us an email to let us know.

I can’t check out my cart.

Having troubles with your cart?? It may be your server so try going incognito

How will my order be shipped?

Our orders are shipped out using nondescript boxes or express mailers, there is no smell or any indication of what is inside.  We use only Canada Postal service.

How do I get free shipping?

All orders over $75 will be entitled to free shipping however you will have to check the free shipping box at checkout.  Forgot, but haven’t sent the e-transfer yet, just let us know.  We will manually change it on your order and resend it to you for the adjusted amount.  Once the e-transfer has been sent and accepted, there is not much we can do.

Why the shipping cost?

We have tried our best to keep shipping cost at a minimal, and on most orders we will take a loss.  Unfortunately edibles weigh more then just flower, this is why the price is higher if you are used to ordering from other sites.

Help! I didn’t receive my order.

We always keep a copy of the shipping label used and if there are any errors on our part, we will send you another package at no cost!  However if it was sent to the correct address, there will be an addition $25 fee for another order to be sent out again.  There is an additional cost to us, collecting returned parcels (we don’t want them to get into Canada Post’s hands) and as well as shipping a new order out.

Is your facility Gluten Free?

The quick answer is no.  We make sure that our work area is wiped down with alcohol wipes to sanitize before making our gluten free edibles however we can not guarantee that there is no cross contamination.   We only recommend for those who have a preference of no gluten to consume our gluten free items.

How do I store my edibles?

Like any food item, they need to be stored in the refrigerator or the freezer if not consumed within 7 days upon arrival.


Have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask!  Contact us at