Alice – Micro Dose Scooby Snacks 4000mg


200mg of Golden Teacher per capsule + Bee pollen, Ashwagandha, Matcha & Mucuna.

4000mg Golden Teacher per bottle

Alice Scooby Snacks Micro Dose capsules are full of holistic ingredients to optimize both your mental and physical health!



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“Zoinks!” “Jeepers!” “Jinkies!”

These Alice Scooby Snack Micro Dose Capsules not only have 200mg of pure golden teacher mushrooms to help open your mind, they also contain 15mg of bee pollen which helps strengthen the immune system as well as relieving inflammation.  On top of that, Alice has also added 55mg of Ashwagandha to help the mushrooms as they alleviate anxiety, stress and combat depression.  Also included is 15mg of matcha, powder made from the leaves of green tea, as its shown to help lower blood pressure and increase mental alertness.  Topped off with 15mg of mucuna, often referred to as the ‘dopamine bean’, containing 5-HTP to help increase the ‘happy’ chemicals in your brain.

Through micro dosing, small amounts of the psilocybin are introduces to your system, not enough for you to feel high, but instead offering a sense of calm, mental clarity, greater feelings of compassion and gratitude, as well as a more positive and optimistic outlook.  Micro-dosing also helps boost creativity and alertness while simultaneously reducing anxiety and depression.

Recommended Usage:

To achieve the ideal effects, take on capsule 2-3 times a week. Whilst micro dosing typically has no immediate effects, we advise you anticipate subtle changes.  Using it too often may result in higher tolerance. If taking other medications, be sure there will be no negative interaction between them and psilocybin; always consult with your doctor.  If you have experienced, or have a family history of psychosis, do not take mushroom.  Many anti-depressants also cannot be taken with 5-HTP, which is one of the key ingredients in mucuna.

Ingredients: 200mg golden teacher mushroom, 55mg ashwagandha, 15mg bee pollen, 15mg matcha, 15mg muscuna


*Store in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight.  Please keep out of reach from children and pets.

These products are made by a Third Party in a facility that processes products containing nuts, dairy and other known allergens. 



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