salted caramels

ordered these twice and they are the absolute best. cut them into quarters and they provide a most relaxing feeling, i will continue to support chronic kitchen with this product. Chronic does a superb job shipping and supplying them to us.

lee wahl

Personal Service

Great product and great service. Delivery is prompt (!!!) and any questions/issues are dealt with politely and quickly. Chronic Kitchen takes care of its customers.

Karen Findlay

Awesome Service

My order was handled quickly!! All questions addressed and answered adequately and promptly!! The order arrived within 3 days…amazing….really amazing!! I am over the moon with the personal touch and fast response. Thank you Chronic Kitchen.

Theresa Radley

Never Disappoints!

I’ve been ordering from CK for a while now and their consistency, even with new products, is second to none. The taste is wonderful and the price points are incredible! The more recent incorporation of CBD into a combination product with THC (the chocolate chip cookie) is what gets me through a lot of painful and sleepless nights. My spouse absolutely loves the spicy cookie; especially because its value is top notch. I’ll continue to order from them and will always have something positive to say.



Great products fantastic service!
I am currently awaiting my third batch of feel good treats!
The chocolate diablo cookies are my favourite so far but I have peanut butter and ginger snap cookies on the way…look out diablos you may have some competition lol!

Laura Jackson

The Peppermint Patties are the best thing ever.

I have tried the gummie bears, gummie stars, healthy bites and peppermint patties. BY FAR, the peppermint patties are the best bang for your buck. Half a peppermint patty gets you feeling pretty good. The gummies are ok, but you need to eat double the amount of what you think you need. The healthy bites don’t do a thing, so don’t waste your money on those. A friend of mine ordered 2 bags and let me try one. Didn’t feel anything. Tried 2, nothing.

Peppermint Patties – 5 stars
Gummie Bears – 3 stars
Gummie Stars – 3 stars
Healthy Bites – 1 star

CK, whatever recipe is used for the Peppermint Patties, please mimic that for your other products. They are seriously the best thing I’ve ever tried.




Thank you for all of your feedback! 

Each edible is measured to be at different strengths, so that may be why you are finding some stronger then others.  Our goal is have a variety of goodies to help those who are new to edibles ease in and have stronger doses for those who are experienced like yourself.  One thing we have found over the years is that having a higher protein content in some edibles will slow down the absorption of the thc as opposed to an edible that has a higher carb content.  


CK Team

Karen Hansen

Just excellent

Service is really great. Ask a question and you will get a answer.
The oils are great and the suckers are delicious.
Great high just walking around.
Quick to ship also.


Really awesome kitchen !

I recently purchased 2 sovrin extracts from these guys, but the mailman misdelivered the package to me, and i didn’t received them! so i alerted canada post about the undelivered product and proceeded to explain chronic kitchen my situation.

They sent me my undelivered package again for free the following week !

How awesome is that?!

Thats customer service and i trust them now for all my feel good needs! They definitely got me as their loyal customer now!


I have been ordering from

I have been ordering from Chronic for over a year now. They process their orders quickly and I’ve never had any shipping issues. I order the same thing every time, mostly peppermints, and every batch has been consistent in quality and dosage. Any interactions with the staff have been pleasant….It’s just been a lot of reliable goodness over and over.


Perfect Customer Service

Ordering online can be tricky, consumers find a website that has something we want and we decide if we think we can trust the site to get what we ordered and paid for.

In most instances, we get what we asked for and trust gets established. However, there are those other times when problems arise and you see their true customer service colours.

For me, I took leap of faith and was happily surprised. On my first order to CK, one Sovrin cartridge didn’t work.

Even though it was my first order, the first response I got from CK was an offer to provide a credit or a replacement.

There was no blaming or accusations, we tried somethings to get it working but in the end a replacement was received a short few days later.

You never know what customer service you’ll get but when you have a great experience you’ll come back every time!!! Keep it up CK, this experience, which could have left a bitter taste, has left me with an appetite of all things CK ?

Dale F.

Dale F

Sovrin cartridges

1.After consuming contents of cartridge, the refills (are too thin?) end up traveling down mouthpiece into my mouth and also clog the cartridge.

2.Having emptied a cartridge after a refill, one of the 3 “flavours” I had purchased in my last order, left a “clot” in the cartridge that I could not use. Trusting the friend who had directed me to CK, he tried with his lighter to get the clot to move so I could use it. Even with the heat of the lighter the “substance” would not move/flow to the heating element.

If there are no additives, as advertised, what was the substance that was there?

Ivan Clement

thank you for your help

I just want to say thank you so much to chronic Kitchen staff for helping me negotiate the web sight and answering all my questions in a timely manner before I made my up my mind on what would meet my needs,I love the lolly pops very flavourful the gummy bears I thought could of been more juicer in texture but still very good I have not yet tried , I also was a first time E transfer so they were very helpful there as well i will be more than happy to place another order soon thanks again Maggie

margaret leslie

The best.

Love dealing with Chronic Kitchen. Products are great and reliable. Service is great and friendly. And the delivery is fast and discreet. Absoulutely no interest in dealing with any place else. Thank you, chronic kitchen!!


Great Company to Deal With

This guys make it so easy to deal with them. Super friendly, super responsive, and provide amazing products!! Keep up the AWESOME WORK Chronic Kichen!! 🙂

Randy Mac


My wife and I are very happy with the products offered by C.K. The most consistent potency of all brands we’ve tried. Great taste. Super fast shipping!
Absolutely nothing negative to say!
Shop away.


Sovrin vs TOKO

Hi there,

I received an email asking me to review my order – just wanted to say the products are amazing – I ordered Sovrin Extracts cartridges because I couldn’t find my old product “Toko” anymore but I actually prefer these new ones!  Really, really nice.  And quick delivery, even with the Postal Strike.

Love dealing with Chronic Kitchen for my meds. Quality is always good and products consistent.

Gummy bears and chocolate bars taste great and work well for my insomnia and pain.


I happened to stumble upon CK on a friends Instagram story one day, making my first order earlier this year I believe. The website is clear and straight forward, making it enjoyable to order.
I’ve been consistently pleased with 3 things: Quality, Shipping Speed, and Packaging.
The quality of the products both taste and potency wise really give you the value for your dollar that people look for in a distributor. The shipping speed has always been top notch, and I’ve never had an order show up late or lost. The packaging is discreet while in the postal phase, and the packages each item comes in keeps the product lasting for what feels like forever. The extra precautions taken during the summer months are also appreciated.
The cost is definitely on par and I continue to purchase because I see the total value in CK as a whole. I love your products and will happily continue to both order and use them.
Thank you for consistently providing a product that helps me get through some very painful and sleepless nights!

Great Quality

I’ve ordered several times from CK and each time has been wonderful! They’re prompt with delivery and the taste never disappoints. The shipling packaging is always discrete, and the packaging that each item comes in really helps to keep each edible fresh. All around great company and will definitely continue to do business with them.


Quality edibles with professional service

I have been a repeat customer of chronic kitchen and can say the quality and consistency can’t be matched. I’m extremely pleased with the potency, and taste of the products.

Keep up the great work!


A GREAT company that goes above and beyond!

I don’t usually take time to review purchases, but I’m so incredibly impressed with the high quality of the products and the fabulous level of customer service that this company provides, I just had to comment. Not only was the customer service rep amazingly fast to reply, but they assisted me along the way in placing my first order, thoughtfully answered the questions I had. And when there was a hiccup with the Canada Post delivery, they didn’t hesitate to make it right and ensure I was taken care of. I would absolutely recommend this company to anyone!! If you’re looking for a great place for edibles or other feel-good “goodies”, this is THE place! 🙂

Julia D

I order my lollypops through

I order my lollypops through a different avenue but they come from your company.

They are fantastic. The Bears work good for appetite.

Great products. Thank you so much for what you do.

Hey Peeps!
We just wanted to thank you guys for always having our back, making the most incredible AND CONSISTENT edibles, and for being friendly and accommodating. No other company has been as wonderful deal with! We are so grateful for great suppliers.
Thank you again,
We, and our customers, cannot wait for the next order to arrive!
Trevor & Cody
Green Aura Dispensary

doing things right

Chronic Kitchen – I love these guys. Their packaging is professional and presentable, and their product top-notch. Not to mention their pricing model is fair and affordable. A perfect example of a company thats doing things right. If you’re somewhere in Canada thats currently able to sell edibles, or actively fighting the edible bans in place, these guys are worthy of your support. Let’s band together and keep these amazing companies going and patients supplied. #chronickitchen #medibles #edibleban #medicalaccess #medicalaccessforall


Love you all!!

I wasn’t able to buy your stuff at the dispensary because of government BS, went online and here you are! Thanks soooo much, you help make many lives more bearable, great product and quick delivery. Love you all!!


Highly recommend

They have arrived! So excited to try out my edibles from @chronic.kitchen #buttertart #gummystars & their new #peppermintpatties They even included a personalized handwritten note thanking me for my order, they went above and beyond for me from the ordering process to delivery (which only took 2 days BTW!!) Highly recommend these guys! #420 #edibles #marijuana #cannabis #vancity #chronickitchen


stoked to tryy

Holy bong hits Batman, these mad mellow snack treats look insaaaaanely delicious! Butter tarts!? Salted Caramel!? Stoner Scones!!!!??? Gaaaaahhhh


Well done!

Hello, We just received our first order from Chronic Kitchen. We would like to compliment you on your amazing edibles! First Class website and very efficient process from selecting to checkout. Shipping was very fast with a tracking number too. Packaging very secure and discreet with nice touch of usage directions plus how to store. Well done!